Thank You Spurs Foundation

For the taster… measured up, weighed, pulse and tension checked, ready to go…

Healthy Break

Thank you Spurs for offering a way back to healthy lives…


Are circular a positive example of circular positive energy at work 8 year running on the notorious Broadwaterfarm Frontline. active and stoic in a difficult climate and in a building which is offers no physical frills.

Les Trois Muses

#WMTY 6-6-17 WorldDay Positive words…

In preparation of our Meeting 10th, 10:30-11 at Hub to discuss positive links between women,

we asked friends to bring 1 positive keyword they wish to illustrate with textile creations.

We give Credits to Maureen Bisognano and her colleagues for inspiring and illustrating this process of reversing negativity with using positive mottos and questions to allow a person to open their hearts to others:

“What Matters to You?” #WMTY since March1st changes the question to patients from What’s wrong with you??

A way to engage into a positive journey of owning our feelings, lives and creativity…

Twitter is such a wonderful place to discover World Movements raising wellbeing and awareness.

We also discovered the London Design Festival @L_D_F who chose Mayfair for the next festival in September…

How about Tottenham and 7sisters as our own world creative forum venue for women part of the Circular Economy saving textiles from Landfill, healing through creativity and now exposing the hope between all groups nourished since 2008…



#NotSoEasy To Cut the Perfect #LavenderHeart Free Hand…

 #LavenderHEARTS #workshops #4health

Every Heart comes from Factory offcuts which whould have gone in bin, the fleece was made from Plastic bottles by Polartec USA then turn into a Jacket designed by Cat from CS4 for SueMe support Nature project

Now they can help us link hands mind and heart into helping #naturemature on #WorldEnvironmentDay

How do you #Celebrate #Nature #today?

@UN-water @UNEP @Natureforall @wearesueme @circulaid

 FROM this jacket which took 3 years to develop… came all our #LavenderHearts… with a few drops of lavender oil you can keep your wool favourite pieces #alive for #longer without disrupting the natural cycle… Made to measure Sportswear Hybrid Biker Peace jacket to link countries through work not war…

Day4: VisibleGifts

To develop a creative gift

To expose it

To protect it…

Taking a chance

Surviving that chance…

Over the years

The most challenging journey

Feeling all the losses today #londonbridge #boroughmarket


Inspiration picture Here are a few tips to guide us from BostonEco…

Pick what you like from this list and tell us what it means to you and your friends…

What we stand for: Help women daughters and children exposed to postcodewar violence through creative expression

1- Protect streets

2- Protect designs

3- Protect freelancers and volunteers

Our Group Collection started 3 days ago on 1-6-17 and will finish on 10-7-17

10—June: Brief from Mum First Group meeting

20—June: Fabrics and patterns

30—June: Prototypes

10—July: Marketing


Day2: DaliMums

June 1- June 10: let’s get the brief from our DaliMums…



This card is painted by Salvador Dali: Cups represent Hearts and with a loving mum the cup is always full… whether we realise it or not…let’s see what we understand about our mums’ love…

You can see on this card that imagination can make anything possible: even moustaches for single mums who have to juggle so many jobs… look at the decoration on a traditional dress…  It is good to look at art for ideas, but remember to always give credit when you get inspiration: and NEVER COPY: DEVELOP YOUR OWN ART: LOOK AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT UNIQUE AND COMPLETELY YOURS to be placed on Form posted yesterday DAY1

email for more info or share this project @circulaid or on your other preferred social media accounts.. tell us on this blog below…


Our Mothers waited 9 months and are loving us in their own way.

How do we receive this love and what do we wish to tell them?

We will use our fabrics and ideas, plus skills we can learn, and many other tricks,

to express this special bond…


So first lets spend the first 10 days of this Discovery Adventure to ask her questions and find out what design she would like, get as much information as you can, cut colours out, shapes, from magazines, find out what you did not know she likes or does not like, sketch her dream outfit, measure her…

We have 10 Days to “GET the BRIEF” … 1-2-3—GO… 🙂 lets have fun with our mums…


Design Protect

First of June – 10 of June

First decan for our  Design4YourMUm First Collective Collection:




COCOCRICRI a collective collection By Daughters Designers from Chrysalis to Chrytalis

1- Design your Signature piece that will launch your career

2- In the first 10 days of June: get a clear brief from your mum and follow blog to update daily

3- Learn to protect your designs from Day 1: follow this doc gradually so you can send it to yourself for Copyrights protecting which last till the end of life plus 70 years beyond


Communicate and keep track : Make a little film or take 1 picture discussing project with your mum and post linking to others @circulaid Twitter or tell us what other social media you prefer

Email to get downloads

Design Page

Cover page: where you write about your ideas for this design, how it came about and where you hope it will take you


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