Day4: VisibleGifts

To develop a creative gift

To expose it

To protect it…

Taking a chance

Surviving that chance…

Over the years

The most challenging journey

Feeling all the losses today #londonbridge #boroughmarket


Sew a Curve






Who Are We?


Heart of Farm

Can not be broken because it is creative. ..


How do we move from being a living target in a safe workshop?

being shot  at through the window while working? Who do we speak to?

Any suggestion how we can rebuild 8 years gone in half a second?

Positive Story

On a negative background…

sorry it is the truth: our studio was attacked last week Friday 5-5-17 while we were working on a new line of clothing,

a bullet from outside came through window at sewing machine place, no one got hurt so we are here to tell the story…

We did not spread the news this week (in shock) because we do not want people to make our 8 years of positive work a negative drop in the ocean… we’re already small enough … and now that our lives do not count for any of these drug dealers happy to stand smoke shoot as they wish day in day out, making it hard for women to walk on the pavement or children to be free in their free society… or a few crazy enterprising ones to think they could have a go at life…

So after one week of not being able to work in the space (losing income, facing uncertain future) and not knowing if we will get any compensation, giving the top officials a chance to discover the positive in our story, we turn Media and share with all, hoping to gain insight help and support on how to redirect our lives, and most of all how to use our example to help others…

I wonder why our work is disrupted by a group who earn without paying tax, yet still benefit from all the luxuries that come with a peaceful democracy our grandfathers fought hard to earn?

and can’ t help thinking of all the wasted time resources and energy after that gunshot…

in our effort to create a sustainable kind creative society… where is the lesson to move forward as a whole London? World?



Maybe Truely Against the Grain?

Within our approach to help individuals reach their potential through their own ideas creations and innovations, I am always perplexed and offer apologies to the establishment for not understanding any better — and ask if someone could help me/us understand:

How a designer’s innovation can be used without any retribution or acknowledgement when films and music remake involve strict regulations?

As an example: how can Chanel Chain bag handles be used by so many without retribution: doesn’t IP protection exist beyond death? What about her iconic inventive way to use masculine tweed with trim outlines on collar and pockets to create what now is a classic, yet it is used freely as a signature collection piece by a newly awarded designer as per video?

Would it be ok to copy Ferrari iconic shape? or Bentley?…

Why can’t all creators Innovators be treated with the same respect whether it is music, film, cars or textile?

Wouldn’t our societies be greener if origination of ideas and creative product development would become protected at source, to promote innovation and personal development at the root?

Safe to work Safe to Walk

On our street pavements…

to make our communities greener more innovative… self-sustainable with women starting new innovative businesses…

which currently is not facilitated due to a culture of men going to betting shops or standing in groups in front of women’ s enterprises, intimidating women and children to cross the road and visit their favourite bespoke all hand-made designer friend or nail artist …

Any suggestion?




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