Thank You Women

Thank You WOMEN from the WORLD…

we unite our heritage for a greener more creative peaceful world

 shaping the future:

A very good week to share


Cher… for starting CS4 2009 and still being part of the loop designing your own brand- 19-8-17–New Designers Companies

Joa.. for igniting into the right direction and linking…18-8-17– New Tottenham

Ley… for innovation new ventures and creative homes for women 14-8-17 — New Green Hale

Jul…for inspiring and driving women on creative platforms 15-8-17 — New Stitch Adventure

Pen… for linking at levels where it is most needed 14-8-17 — New Health Vistas

Han.. for visiting with group of 7 women from Vietnam and discovering the studio… 17-8-17 –New World Goodness

Ang.. for conducting operations and helping all these years …18-8-17 — New Mums Enterprising

Sar.. for expanding into the fashion world,, 16-8-17 — New Connections with the business world

Abb… for opening story into writing.. 16-8-17 — New understanding of Designer’s rights

Vai… for connecting with end-user feedback- 15-8-17 — Restyling the bulk fahsion

Aug… for day  1 invitation and friendship… 18-8-17 — Mums from Ghana




#NotSoEasy To Cut the Perfect #LavenderHeart Free Hand…

 #LavenderHEARTS #workshops #4health

Every Heart comes from Factory offcuts which whould have gone in bin, the fleece was made from Plastic bottles by Polartec USA then turn into a Jacket designed by Cat from CS4 for SueMe support Nature project

Now they can help us link hands mind and heart into helping #naturemature on #WorldEnvironmentDay

How do you #Celebrate #Nature #today?

@UN-water @UNEP @Natureforall @wearesueme @circulaid

 FROM this jacket which took 3 years to develop… came all our #LavenderHearts… with a few drops of lavender oil you can keep your wool favourite pieces #alive for #longer without disrupting the natural cycle… Made to measure Sportswear Hybrid Biker Peace jacket to link countries through work not war…


F. joined the first Intergeneration workshop in July 2009 to learn how to use a sewing machine in order to add decorative textile shapes to his casual clothes. He created unique styles and was involved in several projects from Gardening to SEW delivery teaching ladies how to use a computer, TestTown Carnegie first pilot, to Education within the Somalian after school group lodged in the Enterprise building for a few years.

One day the locals ( 2014) gave him a beating and since that day he was scared to come to an environment he loved and had contributed to since 2008.

We are not sure why the violence was triggered… the pavement regulations are hard to understand on the Frontline, especially from a place where one thinks we share a free society,

 we are also sacred

recently our frontline workshop unit was the recipient of a gunshot bullet that cracked the glass behind the sewing machine where I usually sit, that night a student was with me, and although her dad was there waiting for her and we received support right away, this violence which might be an attempt to destabilise the Farm by outsiders, has disrupted our work in a way people will never understand and does not make for a safe ground to develop and bring creativity to market within a society we thought to be free.



Small Steps


Save Landfill



The main mission of CS4 was (past tense because we are now the GHETTO STUDIO SHOT THROUGH THE WINDOW- NO WORK – NO COMPENSATION- NO AREA ASSESSMENT- to this day- we hope for improvement: EMOTIONALLY TRAUMATISED) to save fabrics from Landfill and help save young women from the street, by giving them a chance, turning the factory offcuts due to the landfill into beautiful designs…

Our friend TJ got in touch via ONE London CLG and offered to help since 2008:

While teaching at CONEL in 2008 the trips to Commercial road started. The college assistant who went to pick up free fabrics for the textile department came back and said to the students in class this was the most horrible disgusting place she ever visited: what a way to show appreciation in front of the students!

When we started the youth programmes in 2008 we made our trips with suitcases to drag back on the train.

 Entrance to busy factory serving the high street fashion brands, the BBC and many more

 all the offcuts were kept behind table and ladies from N17 Northumberland Park and Broadwater Farm were able to visit with their children and babies to pick up lengths of jersey which they then turned into clothing: a true circular economy of women.

Not only did TJ help the women from East Haringey poorest parts she held a position as head designer pattern cutter in order to support hundreds of women working in local factories and looking after their rights and families.

The offcuts were the basis of our supply, using the fashionable colours and fabrics in youth workshops since 2009 at the BruceGrove Youth Centre and at Creative Studio 4:


Our Farm building also could have qualified as “disgusting” in the eyes of a 9-5 college employee used to a minimum of luxuries, including work legislations, minimum wage, pension, sick leave and a right to go on strike: I was amazed when all the teachers went on strike…So like TJ I did it for those without protection:

: a trip to the toilets is always an “adventure”: we never know who we are going to find in the hall and we never know if we are going to find our things in the shop on return…

the unit4 door going the to toilets  common hall can not be locked from the hall, leaving us worried about things left in unit, and the toilets are in a poor state, only 1 out 3 locks, the floor is always wet, there is no paper, the sinks were falling off the wall in the ladies toilets (not in the men’s) which led to think they must have been used as something else,

the front of the building was the home of strange older men: one came with a big car and blinked his lights in front of the unit, once he peed against his wheel with his back to the door to mark the territory…

this was also what the college textile technician would have called a “disgusting” place to work from, but we did it for the girls and young women who were possibly recruited straight from the frontline toilets… without the work benefits… and now that 8 years came to a sudden end with the drive-by shooting… not even a word of thanks from Haringey, the Management or anyone from Work and Pensions… we are freelancers volunteers for the circular economy and welfare of women and children of all ages, and our positive model of hope innovation and creativity will probably help change things… only if the origination could be honoured…and the divide between two groups of working citizens less unfair…


French Draping



CS4 CLOSED—5-5-17

CS4 opened May 2009 = Sorry it now is closed for the first time

following Event 5-5-17 == until we receive positive reports regarding Risk Assessment and Accountability.

CS4 stands as a Model for Positive action from the Line, uniting women, children, youths and men from various backgrounds around one theme of Work, Creative attitude and Sharing.

As we have no other income (freelancing and volunteering do not fall into any of the established categories of the support system),

we would like to offer workshops to share Creativity for Prosperity within the communities, classrooms, companies, organisations, governments to promote and set in motion world protection of women and children in danger of destructive behaviours through innovation and positive modelling within the social cultural sectors at risk, giving women the power to keep our societies safe and prosperous through their innovations.

Coming from a displaced ethnical background, I have searched various educational systems to find a magic potion: a recipe made of the most positive aspects gathered from the world… These past 8 years at CS4 make for the longest professional stand of my career, spanning from academic to business to social creative action.

With experience at University level including a semester teaching French at MIT, Boston, a year at Wellesley College as French Ambassador of the French House, and four years lecturing French at Boston University,

having shared 20 years of experience as Head of Studio (Design Pattern cutting Branding Marketing) from the high-end to the high street, including toys and green sportswear R&D, with CS4 participants during 8 wonderful years of community creative healing delivery, believing there is always the other side to discover,

I wish to use this time of unexpected disruption in a positive way, hoping CS4 Line story will not turn into a third wave of Farm Tsunami, but into a new wave of pacification and unification between Councils, Police officers and Street ruling communities for the good of all, and their children.

I would like to continue protect our communities via a new approach leading us away from destructive territorial values and closer to creative innovation… as exemplified by the work of women, young ladies and men, children at CS4.

We are currently working towards building B2B – Borough to Borough – Bridges for healthy inter-generational, inter-cultural, progressive innovations that place creative thinking at the heart of healing broken links within societies.

Let us know if there is anything we could do to help your community.

With Thanks…

CS4 closed physically but not virtually… and if anyone knows where we could publish our Creative material please advise…

We can be reached @circulaid or on this blog




DISPLACED— 5-5-17 present

8 years is the longest of my professional life anywhere… CS4 May 2009—5-5-17

1 bullet through the window in the back of the sewing machine at neck level

Student and myself in workshop designing new project


All activities suspended


Youth EdinburghAward volunteer not told to meet at HUB


Protect local community from negative repercussions


Waiting for area risk Assessment from Council


Freelance status: Occupational health– off work— trauma


Free society — Choice — Help others


Free single educated woman to Share Expertise


Farm 2 tsunami: NOT a third ONE:


Safe to Create Safe to Heal

Create To Be Safe …in the streets… at work…by saving.. offcuts, youths, empty spaces..

Create To Heal with a mission to keep environment and planet healthy…Pick a Leaf Not a Fight…

to explore ways to act from the city for people and nature … with limited means…


3RDgeneration impact Plastic bottles saved from landfill turn fleece, turn jacket, turn Plastic Heart @circulaid for home protection or beauty pads to last forever… saving cotton being binned daily…

Looking for natural fibres requiring less water to grow, closed loop water production systems… innovative dyeing systems…  local factories to reshore sportswear in Tottenham…

Let Peace Jacket Echoic tell its unique story, one of the many created on the way to safety…

The Echoic Jacket is a Peace Jacket from its natural and recycled materials linked together like the countries they come from UK Natural Wool and Traditional Waxed Cotton, USA Plastic Fleece, Japan Recycled Zip, France Reflective Tapes

Peace To Create Safely  Safe to Protect Ourselves and Mother Nature, Healing where harm was done,

Piecing together back to Peace…  SAFELY

Pictures compliments of EhticalRebels via SpringPR for Polartec



HOW2MAKE NewBestFriends

Here is our special recipe to make long lasting friends… We look after Adidas and Nike customers in a unique special way…


 4-4-17 late night New Nike track bottom slimming leg and hem shortening: £7

Adidas and Nike items come as our number one retouch remodel repair .. they are worn more and take more wear and tear, are loved, mean to last, and found a niche studio to extend their lifecycle at CS4 BWF Frontline …with second and third lives front zips, pocket zips, tears, or surgery on brand new styles to satisfy individual taste…

not quite the 3D all in one design Japanese knitting machine tested in Berlin and Boston… yet 3D real life skills in action for best style effects where our clothes become our best friends and  help make new best friends: when we meet at CS4…creative magic happens we become all friends…

This is what happens on a daily basis… On the Line, at CS4…

 6-4-17 Lining got torn and stitched to stop feathers come out

 6-4-17 This oldtimer surface bonding was pealing off at pocket corners, underarm and back of neck where label had been stitched, it was a question of saying goodbye or practising magic… magic saved the day…

 5-4-17 Preparing to go to the Island the trousers had to be turned into shorts.   31-3-17: This zip was changed a first time

and a second time : visit Trim shop in Walthamstow for zips

 Change of pocket zip, in order to respect the original zip design statement, we place new zip under…

We wish to be An example of Urban model of Peace and Creative many lives Designs to help others in deprived challenging environments in a green people/eco friendly innovative way…

Looking for an “outside” positive value system to acknowledge us as positive contributors to society progress

… new friends to keep new clothes to last…

CS4 was set up in May 2009 as a local North London design pattern cutting sewing sustainable training studio for young women, yet soon became a surprise with the apparition of the Nike and Adidas customers…

In addition to donating fabrics and delivering free training workshops… our main streak is innovation with a twist (green and freedom of movement are our speciality over the years since 1991…), some occasional custom made for individuals and bespoke R&D (Design, sourcing, PR, social media, branding, prototyping, reshoring) concept green sports jackets and separates.

We can share a database of donated textiles, our own patterns and delivered programmes.

Completely cut off from the outside for socio-economic-political reasons and quietly brave the stigma since 2009 … unknown to most outsiders.. the friendly locals benefit quite a harsh reputation … could do with some tender love and care

: we nourish on a really limited budget and live in the uncertainty we might lose the building to developers, who like most fail to see the progress and love at work On The Line.

multicultural friendly talented… Just that…  love the best in life… Adidas and Nike… it seems…(:-)  reading a lot of the coaches powerful mantras on twitter: just experimenting with new found confidence…)



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