From Proto to Production…

Founding members are gathering today to pursue their dream to choose one design to bring to production.

 From choosing fabric… to bringing to life…



Textile meeting to bring healing… with founding members to establish sustainable future for circular economy:

to link fresh talents with the industry

Releasing all textiles from CS4 back into the community for closure of CS4 as soon as possible.

A combination of  lack of appropriate cluster external risk assessment, communication breakdown between Officials responsible for the Broadwater Farm Frontline Enterprise, leaseholders and managers, and general public apprehension and trauma led to this decision, that came after 3 months of reviews and internal consultation among group members, feeling sad to have no other choice but put an end to an 8 year amazing adventure on one of the most infamous social estates which is home to amazing loving communities.

The textile mobile workshops will be available on demand.

Linking small Jamaican and other Tottenham ethical ethnical sewing designer groups in need of resources, local sewing suppliers, local pattern cutters, designers and factories to help move prototypes into production.



The Industry… positive model

to share:
fabrics saved from landfill
aspirations saved from waste
space saved from inaction

From Broadwater Farm to the Industry… a journey by people for peace over 8 years, linking professionals with learners foe a progressive creative innovative balanced society.

filming 4-7-17
1- CS4 Creative Studio 4 resources and gunshot window
we still do not know why this incident occurred and people- women and children, are worried
2- Solar clothing factory: first factory visit for both aspiring designer founding member present in studio 5=5=17 and film maker

recorded interest in program by athlete runner title holder now 31 wishing to become fashion designer

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