Are You Politically Creative?

Do top sportswear brands realise some zips break and pockets rip?

Do companies know how to acknowledge Creative Rights?

Do policy makers consider the vast number of beyond 9-5 creators and innovators?

Can creativity for growth be implemented easily?

Are highly stigmatised urban environments home to politically creative development?

Creativity links… at all levels.. within all strata…


HOW2MAKE NewBestFriends

Here is our special recipe to make long lasting friends… We look after Adidas and Nike customers in a unique special way…


 4-4-17 late night New Nike track bottom slimming leg and hem shortening: £7

Adidas and Nike items come as our number one retouch remodel repair .. they are worn more and take more wear and tear, are loved, mean to last, and found a niche studio to extend their lifecycle at CS4 BWF Frontline …with second and third lives front zips, pocket zips, tears, or surgery on brand new styles to satisfy individual taste…

not quite the 3D all in one design Japanese knitting machine tested in Berlin and Boston… yet 3D real life skills in action for best style effects where our clothes become our best friends and  help make new best friends: when we meet at CS4…creative magic happens we become all friends…

This is what happens on a daily basis… On the Line, at CS4…

 6-4-17 Lining got torn and stitched to stop feathers come out

 6-4-17 This oldtimer surface bonding was pealing off at pocket corners, underarm and back of neck where label had been stitched, it was a question of saying goodbye or practising magic… magic saved the day…

 5-4-17 Preparing to go to the Island the trousers had to be turned into shorts.   31-3-17: This zip was changed a first time

and a second time : visit Trim shop in Walthamstow for zips

 Change of pocket zip, in order to respect the original zip design statement, we place new zip under…

We wish to be An example of Urban model of Peace and Creative many lives Designs to help others in deprived challenging environments in a green people/eco friendly innovative way…

Looking for an “outside” positive value system to acknowledge us as positive contributors to society progress

… new friends to keep new clothes to last…

CS4 was set up in May 2009 as a local North London design pattern cutting sewing sustainable training studio for young women, yet soon became a surprise with the apparition of the Nike and Adidas customers…

In addition to donating fabrics and delivering free training workshops… our main streak is innovation with a twist (green and freedom of movement are our speciality over the years since 1991…), some occasional custom made for individuals and bespoke R&D (Design, sourcing, PR, social media, branding, prototyping, reshoring) concept green sports jackets and separates.

We can share a database of donated textiles, our own patterns and delivered programmes.

Completely cut off from the outside for socio-economic-political reasons and quietly brave the stigma since 2009 … unknown to most outsiders.. the friendly locals benefit quite a harsh reputation … could do with some tender love and care

: we nourish on a really limited budget and live in the uncertainty we might lose the building to developers, who like most fail to see the progress and love at work On The Line.

multicultural friendly talented… Just that…  love the best in life… Adidas and Nike… it seems…(:-)  reading a lot of the coaches powerful mantras on twitter: just experimenting with new found confidence…)



6th HIDDEN Factor: the Designer’s Health: Good Fashion?


 The industry is shaking up, shaping up… for the good…

Still on the ground it is a constant desert of isolation and loss of control and creative identity…

Every day Idea and Design Originators work long hours in the dark without recognition, time frame, or remuneration:

HIDDEN: the many designers whose innovative ideas and work often fuel bigger agendas under the wide “Inspiration” cover which conveniently help mix identity of users and givers…

Good Fashion? so how can we make that important side of the Design Industry NEW, fair, good and greener?

Healing: How can we stop losing Individuals behind Agendas?

Call for CHANGE: With Patents regulation slowing down the process of exposing and reaping from early prototypes?

Natural Rights: How can we restore Designer’s Health and bring Hopes to gain Natural rights and recognition, Time limits, and peace of Mind that origination is intrinsic to the creative equation:


Here are the 5 points views collected recently, a very precious outline of improving conditions…

Our notes, written 31-3-17, from Article by Gunther Schnatmann

  1. Ecological footprint
  2. Recycled materials
  3. Eco producer: Outdoor trend
  4. Mail order business: Eco sportswear
  5. Sustainability reports: Rethinking PR

Our notes, written 6-4-17, from sportswear international Article by Maria Cristina Pavarini   April 05, 2017

five “good” guidelines: from Fashion for Good

  1. good materials (safe, healthy and designed for reuse and recycling),
  2. good economy (growing, circular, shared and beneficial to everyone),
  3. good energy (renewable and clean),
  4. good water (clean and available-to-all), and
  5. good lives (involving workers whose living and working conditions are fair, safe and dignified).


a magic “Tidal Wave from the sky”

of creating making saving and wearing

Thank you for such great Twitter support from writers, youth groups, organisations… it feels there is real life in the sky… and from these recycled surfkite wings… there must be here on earth too, after all these beautiful currents they navigated…


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