The 6th Greenest DARK Factor?

ThankYou ISPO for highlighting the growing importance of the sustainable green factor in sportswear:

Thank you Gunther Schnatmann for your fascinating 5 criteria article,

Would you share our concerns for creative work origination as a green factor not yet considered at part of the growing  sustainable movement?

Despite help by Polartec Apex Friedreichhafen 2015 display and seeding with SpringPR support with publications…

The Greenest Dark still remains… How do we lift it? HELP to make the greenest smallest components appear to the surface…



International Womens Day

At the HUB was fabulous…

Yacon tastes delicious… Thanks Paulette for loving your soil so much…


Thank You TWITTER for helping share and grow, meeting amazing people and projects.

 Today we think about those deprived of water… those overheating the planet, those transforming in a positive way, and all those wishing peace and progress.

Thanks to a small collaboration between well wishing friends, this jersey top came to life: it is super light and does not require water when it is dyed. It is a new process which saves a lot of water…

Planetarium HIT at HUB

 Today we drew planets to scale and covered with fabric for tomorrow astrofusion at the Hub in celebration  of International Women s Day

Looking for protection

 Today is International women’s day and we have bad news…Friends of Lordship Rec 3 youths were mugged in the Park after school going home at 430…How can we make it safer?

First Come, First Served

   My name is Kim from Park View School and this is my 5th session at CS4.
The Duke Of Edinburgh Award is really great especially for a teenager because you get to find out about your interests, likes and dislikes through the volunteering, skills & creativity and physical sections.

Volunteering at Well Being Equilib Designs has made me realise that I can be creative and I am capable of producing something that can inspire someone in any way. Why don’t you try this out today?

(First Come, First Served😁😁) Continue reading

To Order

Maillot VERT20170216_163750

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Green Branding20161017_175018


Maillot VERT

do rouleurs or maillot jaunes come in other forms? @rouleurmagazine display our maillotVERT madeINHouse in support of local green innovation…

made with a jersey that does not require water to be dyed… saving the planet a lot of water… biotic-abiotic-everlasting-life

Green Impact

How do we measure?

Creators? Innovators? companies? artisans? Manufacturers? Consumers?


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