Circular Economy…Micro meet Macro?

Since 2008… 2009 start for CS4 North London…with large amounts of fabrics from closing down businesses… how does micro link to macro? We asked Clare Ollerenshaw, Circular Economy manager, and Laura Paddison from Guardian Sustainable Business, how micro can meet macro?

31-12-15 ladies  SueMe handmade labels from wing material

Sustainable London made sportswear

Textile and circular economy

“The size of the retail market and the influence of design and procurement activities makes London an important focus for circular economy approaches….Lifetime extension through design and innovative technologiesIncreasing the lifetime of clothes through enhanced design, innovative materials…behavioural change reduces consumption of virgin resources. Simply using clothes for nine months longer would be worth £750m ….as service business models….awareness ….repair and recycling through take-back…”




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