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Center Front original poster, created in 2009…

Dress rips postcard


SEW Sew For Education and Work Tottenham Tailor

Tottenham Tailor towards cottage industry design and development…

Since Winter 2013, SEW ladies in training have been able to make things happen for themselves and the cottage industry with the support of up and coming sportswear lifestyle nature friendly company SueMeDSCF2428

The ongoing design development of Hats and other new items has helped CS4 keep in place during a difficult financial time with rent soaring 66% for remaining occupants of Broadwater Farm Enterprise building, one of the few remaining on a London Estate since the eighties. Sharing rents for empty units makes it harder for the longstanding tenants to survive… yet they represent small anchors in a big storm…

Research and development for SueMe involves new fabrics, colours, shapes, first patterns, first samples, and production… It is a great incentive for the local youths and trainees to see/interact with/learn from professionals in action…

Much more could be done with graphics development and young men who had been part of SEW 2012, but did not get any support to continue (no physical space for them to work from as a group, unlike the ladies group who have found continuous support in the past 3 years after the Pilot delivery)

Developing written testimonies based on practical experience and formal research conducted at show visits (London Fashion week, Premiere Vision, and London Textile Fair) in the form of articles to be published and shared will become more of a focus in the coming months via Center Front, our quiet vessel aiming at showing the behind the scenes of the fashion industry to strengthen the idea that no beginning is ever too small… Our first small idea was to traidoff… exchanging expertise for growth…

good hood designers logo   DSCF1778

Center Front — behind the scenes —

Center Front has also been our vehicle to study the behind the scenes of the fashion industry and share within our close circle of participants, at the Youth Centre during school holiday since 2008, during workshops going since 2009 in Community Centres in Haringey, Children’s Centres and Primary schools, and in Creative Studio, Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, with young designers in training or moving onto the working ladder…

As part of our research we visited Premiere Vision and London Fashion Week, and are now doing research to start publishing our findings in a new article.

This particular article relates to the origins of the chemical dyes (Reference “Mauve” by Simon Garfield) and what types of dyes are available and how they contribute (or not) to the new era of maintaining a cleaner safer planet… What is available to designers and companies, how easily accessible is it, and how does it affect the environment are the three questions we are hoping to answer through our research, which article will be published online when it is ready in May 2014.

double fold cf cb

Knowing your Center Front – CF

Last week and for the past three years, words such as Center Front, Center Back, (excuse the US spelling), side seam, neck line, hem, shoulder… came in handy to sketch the human form and learn how to move onto pattern cutting smoothly…

Our Bruce Grove Class went well with two students reviewed their designers’ jargon while teaching a new comer…


16 new ladies attended the first Isle Amlot SEW Together class

Welcome to all the new ladies who enjoyed learning about the sewing machine parts yesterday…

4 Creche workers attended their children, some 6 month old who had never left mummy  before, yet looked very happy after session…

Writing words down for all machine important functions…  Homework: new word to find  S – – – L  of thread

Discovering everyone’s name was our first adventure…

… learning how to handle the machine safely next week

new machine


After 4 and a half years of Happiness in Creative Studio 4 sharing joys and sorrows with Broadwater Farm Friends, time has come when more space is needed to accommodate for the numerous ladies who wish to pursue their training outside the classroom… which now is more like 3 classrooms…DSCF1601

Mark the dates…

These are the dates for the Sew Together training

Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre Wednesdays 1.00-3.00

25th Sept -4th Dec with crèche

Bruce Grove Link Centre Wednesdays 9.30-11.30

6th Nov-4th Dec & 15th Jan-12th Feb

Park Lane Children’s Centre  Thursdays 1.00-3.00

16th Jan-13th Feb & 27th Feb-27th March with crèche

(Dates and times may change)


Week 1: safe use of machine straight line, mobile cover

Week 2: stitch a curved line to make a heart pin cushion

Week 3: top for doll pattern, cut make

Week 4: bottoms for doll, pattern cut make

 Week 5: top for child pattern, cut make

Week 6: bottoms for child, pattern cut make

 Week 7: top for adult pattern, cut make

 Week 8: bottoms for adult, pattern cut make

 Week 9: free design: dress

 Week 10: finish all, pictures, planning


Sharing the Training

2014 is here and at SEW we never stop sharing… the more the merrier…

Hope you all had a great Season’s Holiday and looking forward to using these new pins and needles Santa kindly brought around…

In January the students training with SEW Togehter in three N17 centres will have a chance to meet up and pursue their dreams thanks to Haringey’s Tottenham’s Future pop up shop, organised by Chantelle and her team from Homes for Haringey, to find out what exactly would make a true difference for Tottenham in the next 20 years and beyond. To register or ask questions, use the comment section at the bottom of the page. Here is a poster with information: let us know if you wish to download to post.

163 pop-up

Just as backgroung information: SEW Sew for Education and Work started off as a pilot in 2011-2012. It now offers 10 weeks programmes in three centres: the students are very keen to continue develop their skills at the end of their 10 week course so the pop up shop will be an excellent way to keep women from the three training centers busy under one roof…

Tottenham’s Future pop-up will be a great new challenge: SEW pop-up story begun in June with a 3 day shop in Dunfermline as part of Carnegie Testown competition: health and safety issues were put in place then. This attempt to open a future for a growing number of students was followed by 2013 Summer pop-up sessions delivered in Creative Studio4, with the support of the Community Fund, as a way to keep the momnetum going as well as bring ladies from various corners of N17 together.

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