Summer Pop-Ups for ladies…

Ladies from the Sew Together on going classes are invited for Summer Pop-Ups over the summer so they can keep up with the good work until classes resume… 
This initiative was possible thanks to a CDF Community First Grant which helped start delivering the SEW programme in Northumberland Park area, East Haringey, in partnership with Park Lane Children’s Centre and Isle Amlot Family Centre.

SEW POP-UP will give an opportunity for women to regroup and meet each other every Wednesday from 2-5pm at Creative Studio4, 1a Willan road, N17 6NG, where they can meet up with their tutor for tips, fabric hunt or anything else relating to how to use a sewing machine safely.

This will allow ladies from various parts of N17 to meet up… and mix with other local groups, share what they have already learnt and get organised: receiving e-mails, and post some of their work online. Actually it will be a great chance for ladies from the three sewing classes delivered in N17 over the past year to exchange tips… And prepare to make their future classes planned for next year even more fruitful.

For more information please fill in the Contact form.

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