Pick a Leaf, Not a Fight: Grove Fashion Easter Workshop

Drawing from our natural environment  Farm view

our fashion group decided to pick on trees and leaves to send out a message: enjoy, appreciate and respect life, people and nature included…

pink12-4-13 237  our leaf artwork

After working individually we sat in a group to discuss our tree poster layout strategy, cutting out leaves for display

our leaves cutout  fresh leaves

And finally got sticking all on paper to do a group poster that would combine everybody’s ideas:

poster paper glued pink12-4-13 239

pink12-4-13 248 poster layout discussion story on a leaf books to help course and outside world Nat geographic our layout our roses our unique flowers peace wall poster pink12-4-13 241 pink12-4-13 243

Thank you for this workshop and opportunity to work on our designs to make a difference, we hope to continue our green pursuits to keep kids and nature safe and spread the word with our prints and T-shirts, good hoods and cards that we would like to printout, so if you can help, please let us know…

action leaf


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