Ingenius Mums at Work…

Labour of love: here is how ingenius mums use their imagination and newly acquired creative skills to upcycle existing clothes. A skirt that didn’t fit properly but featured nice hand embroidery from India: mum turned her skirt into a little sundress for her daughter, by tranfering basic pattern cutting notions taught previously to develop a basic block, as part of learning the whole design process, moving from original intial concept to final product. This was achieved after 3 classes of two hour duration only! Clever mums…

1- Dali's original skirt to be upcycled Mum wearing skirt made in India to be upcycled

2- how to adapt from first pattern block How to use previous top pblock to create two pieces, top and skirt

3- skirt cut in half for dress Skirt cut in two pieces to be joined to make dress, bottom will be gathered into top

4- Manking a dress from mum's Indian skirt   Top and bottom joined after creating gathers, skirt matching hanging loops will be added as straps and Voila!

Other mums created pieces from scratch after only 10 weeks of classes and having never sewn or designed before. Brave!

shirt shorts


True Love Happy Valentine

We wish you all a Happy Valentine for the Special heart workshop at Bruce Grove Youth Centre where hearts will be placed on hand sewn Tees tonight, following our very productive workshop last week where each participant learnt to make a bow, hand stitch a bead on top, cut out a heart, and place decorated bow on heart with thread and needle some had never used before. all bows and heart 7-2-13 This is an example from our friend TJ creative development when we visited her factory in Central London to pick up Valentine lace and jerseys for the valentine workshop.  factory visit double heart This is a double heart by one of the students.

Happy Sewing!

Special Appeal for CS4

Our Creative Studio 4 based on Broadwater Farm Enterprise building since May 2009 is threatened to close down because the rent was suddently increased by 66% by management. The units are kept in poor condition, our back door leading to the rest room is not working (since the beginning) and now we do not have the key to the ladies restroom. The front pillars are cracked and looking neglected, while buses pass in front on a daily basis. The units were meant as social workshops: would anyone be able to advise whether such a drastic rent increase is in order? And how are we going to face the changes as a small voluntary group? frontline

CS4 is home to daily after classes design support groups for the younger children, the youths, and has helped young dads with CV writing and graphic/design development. Due to budget cuts with Connexions and Haringey, the daily free sessions stopped, but the workshop is still an open oasis where students come in to pick up free fabrics, zips, and receive advice for their textile courses, often designing and cutting new pieces, making patterns and updating their portfolio, or simply receiving on-to-one or group advice when difficult situations arise, or just to say hello. safer_communities

Many locals benefit from a specialised alteration service for half or less the going rates, enabling them to make ends meet in difficult times. Now anchored in the community with sewing classes developping in local children centres and primary school as well as continuing in the local Bruce Grove Youth Centre, it would be very uprooting for growing children not to be able to be part of this village like community life where practical skills and professional african style knowhow are conducive of productive values as a daily incentive for hard work and a true inspiration.

As a result of CS4 presence has aspired quite a few young mums, dads and women have found their way back to work or university, and regularly offers letters of reference to get that first job. Candidates are referred by the Job Centre but no provisions are offered. The times following the riots were very traumatising but noone came to assess the situation or ask the children how they were coping.after school

4 weeks on into 2013… ready for the next step…

Health and safety has been our main concern over the past few months with new mums joining the classes on a regular basis. Students first learn how to hand stitch their pin cushion, then machine stitch a small pouch for scissors or phone and a zip pouch to keep all safe out of the reach of young children. Currently developping a new bag which is drawing attention from visitors, we are palnning to make more beautifully designed and construction pieces to bring to Spitalfields Market where we have been kindly invited to display our products. after 3 classes work pouch


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