Successful SEW Third Term

This term was quite amazing: not only has the SEW pilot funded by NIACE continued in the Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre, it was duplicated in the Bruce Grove Primary School which site was visited by an Ofsted official.

last class

One of the first Students who joined the first programme in February 2012 is now able to teach the new students and help with jobs from the industry.

Here is Angela’s SEW story:

Angela (front in her self designed/made green dress, fabric compliment of TJ, a nice woman who runs a factory on Commercial road)
started from scratch in Feb 2012.

She has been nominated best learner for Adult Learners’ Week Awards 2013:she has never missed a class, has made a few
alterations for locals, helps as an assistant sewing teacher in her class.
She is standing with Josh, her adorable son… she was finding it hard to adjust to a new wardrobe as a new mum.
She has made leggings, tops, headbands and dresses in all colours through the course (she started with an apron and shirt for Josh, and a shirt for her partner).

Josh goes to the creche in the big room next door while she is in class and this helps break the bond with new mums in a friendly way (early prevention policy). He loves it and is very interested in fabrics and everything to do with little tools already.


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