SEW 10-10-12 Class Update: Bruce Grove Primary School

SEW second class at Bruce Grove Primary School went well with lots of drawing practice to achieve a block.

 Cherri came to visit the new set-up.

In the afternoon the  SEW Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre students took a group walk to discover the newly built  “caged-in” social hub on the park: why bar all openings from the outside natural environment? It was also noticed that the £5million new development did not provide physical activities beyond playground age for local youths to develop while growing up: tennis, basket-ball, athletics…

 The group then visited Creative Studio4 (CS4), aka the Sewing Shop based on the Frontline, where supplies of materials are available and new alterations were displayed to help mums mend loose elastic on jog pants and other useful tricks.

    Custom made designs are available for local residents who often bring beautiful fabrics such as this original Kente made into an elegant ladies frock-coat


NEW THIRD Semester SEW Class at the Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre

New mums have enjoyed their second lesson and left with a big smile, a happy toddler, a phone case or glasses cases and a block with their own measurements to start developing their own made-to-measure designer’s clothes… happily stepping into their new role as designers whilst on maternity leave…

 Previous students have suppoted new ones with using the sewing machine and making blocks.

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