Post SEW Plans

SEW basics “sewing and ICT” classes funded by SFA run out by end of March but resilient “Farm” workers (our Project Sew for Education and Work is located on Broadwater Farm Estate, Tottenham, North London) quickly enrolled in the follow-up Advanced Designers classes offered between April 17th and July 12th by Creative Studio4 and the Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre.

Having completed over 20 new garments ranging from children’s shorts, shirts, skirts, dresses and mum’s casuals or party dresses, branching out to interior designer’s curtains,  the group felt it was too sad to stop and decided to continue and charmed the wonderful childminders Carmen and Augusta and class tutor Cat to keep it up as volunteers for another three weeks until August 1st. Crafty…

The classes will resume in September with the help of the Children’s Centre amazing team who have enjoyed the Sewing Buzz nearly as much as the students…

“We had a tremendous time at the Children’s Centre, where our children have loved the Creche and Creche workers, and we have learnt how to make our own clothes: I hadn’t bought any clothes since my son’s birth two years ago, and nothing fits me any more…” Angie



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Thank you all for the opportunity to learn and achieve!


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