CS4 Home of Innovation since 2009

20160311_152600Since  May 2009 CS4  has worked as a positive model for circular economy on a frontline

  • 15years worth of fabric lengths and swatches from landfill
  • trained 10 youths back in education and employment
  • run design pattern cutting and making workshops for refugee ladies, children’s centers and community groups

Now looking into helping the community set up a digital inclusive media platform for women in business and community groups with aspiration, offering spaces set up by the Opportunity Team in the nearby Opportunity Enterprise building:

  • 2 digital radio soundproof studios
  • 4 graphic design desks with film editing capacity
  • 1 photography area
  • 8 desk computers
  • 1 boardroom
  • 1 creative room

For anyone interested please enquire here or on twitter @circulaid

Anyone welcome to rent a desk, become a member or deliver community classes of their liking.


Industry Projects

Marginmagazine lifestyle 3Echoic plastic Hearts

Designed sourced cut sampled graded produced in North London at CS4

For Sustainable Sportswear Company SueMe — Picture compliments of EthicalRebels for SpringPR/Polartec London



Meeting our Creative neighbours

 In Muswell Hill we met amazing creative people working from healthy landmarks…

Inspiration is never that far and the East part of the borough is desperately sorely lacking in individual positive input into the texture of society…

Positive initiatives can be the target of jealousy and destruction… yet we can feel the bounty of human spirit just up the Hill… Thank you for restoring us and sharing…


We Are So Creative

From all parts of UK and France it was amazing to meet and share possibilities on our common journey to the Southern dunes of creative inspiration

graphic artists, virtual workspaces designers, healers… all come to share sunshine and positivity…


Nature’s Bounties

Amazing Week

Visiting LivingUnderOneSun Amazing explosion of colours tastes beautiful plants fruit vegetable and kindness

Planning Digital Radio Media Creative Hotdesking for Communities and Individuals to speak up, share and innovate in the Heart of Tottenham social change Creative HUB

Meeting the neighbours at the Engine room Tottenham Hale Village

And more artists nature lovers protectors… soon to come into equation for a stable UrbaNature sharing platform…

Happy Birthday Founder Member creator… Ch…

Gifts for Designers

 We are slowly dismantling CS4, finding a suitable home for 8 years of resources and knowhow to pass further:

—  create a new kind of mobile studio helping start-up young designers and women gain skill and employment in our community,

— as well as a worldwide network for ethical awareness to protect designer’s intellectual property naturally,

— establish new healthier more sustainable ways to share resources and knowledge across continents.

19-8-17 Ch… cane to pick up a desk for her design work at home. The desk was part of Ikea Award in 2009.

We picked the two sewing machines from the Hub and she will be using one at home until we find a new Design home.

17-8-17 A group of Design students from Hanoi, Vietnam,  came to visit Studio 4 on a sourcing trip from London College for Design and Fashion, they picked up a box of hangers donated by a company to study fiber composition and names.

16-7-18 I visited Freedom Recruit in London to explore new ways to share skills, possibly full time in a reputable company while the Studio Women Enterprise will evolve from home and from a new shared base in the future.

Today An… will visit to do Creative Inventory and number fabric items by category for newly trained ladies to sew and sell.



Thank You Women

Thank You WOMEN from the WORLD…

we unite our heritage for a greener more creative peaceful world

 shaping the future:

A very good week to share


Cher… for starting CS4 2009 and still being part of the loop designing your own brand- 19-8-17–New Designers Companies

Joa.. for igniting into the right direction and linking…18-8-17– New Tottenham

Ley… for innovation new ventures and creative homes for women 14-8-17 — New Green Hale

Jul…for inspiring and driving women on creative platforms 15-8-17 — New Stitch Adventure

Pen… for linking at levels where it is most needed 14-8-17 — New Health Vistas

Han.. for visiting with group of 7 women from Vietnam and discovering the studio… 17-8-17 –New World Goodness

Ang.. for conducting operations and helping all these years …18-8-17 — New Mums Enterprising

Sar.. for expanding into the fashion world,, 16-8-17 — New Connections with the business world

Abb… for opening story into writing.. 16-8-17 — New understanding of Designer’s rights

Vai… for connecting with end-user feedback- 15-8-17 — Restyling the bulk fahsion

Aug… for day  1 invitation and friendship… 18-8-17 — Mums from Ghana




CS4 Creative Studio since 2009:

Women start their own green fashion industry

to work and enjoy the fruit of their work

female creative innovative enterprise

AFTER HOURS– Women on Social Estates— fear not—CS4



Founder members 2009 now meet after work at home where it is safe  to continue programme:

The Green Textile Club is on a mission to facilitate access to production.

Meetings since 5-5-17: outline of new line- logo sketch

23-5-17: creative business planning, pyramid croquis for growth planning – instagram

10-6-17: evening  outing: elements to consider to understand factory production, Pancake throw

21-6-17:  after work coffee at Arts Quarter to review way forward, online marketing , pictures

4-7-17: Factory visit, filming, shop moodboard, for campaign

11-7-17: Home visit: showing Pancake throws and magic tops for E-bay shop

24-7-17: Home The Canary dress, Kioui— @styleheightsLDN

1-8-17: Home: Canary Dress plan… respect Cre8… @circulaid  positive platform for # worldwide #origination #women on social estates can have chances for better lives…


Despite a system unable to admit the positive value or existence of CS4 — allowing men to act as bullies on communities…

Conveniently labelling CS4 the Children’s Centre  to maintain  a certain distance…

Creative Studio 4 is inviting all women from  social estates around the globe to share AFTER HOURS…

The Studio survived 8 long years of Frontline baffling circumstances  providing hope for young women at risk and helped them access their creative selves…

The Frontline, is hardly visited by officials. To be seen and identified on the Frontline is not the adventure the establishment is prepared to risk…

To get an appointment to create cluster risk assessment after the 5-5-17 unfortunate drive-by double shot was impossible…

Leaving our window shattered and us  meeting after hours in safer environments.—-


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